Kpi Hospitality Examples

KPI Hospilatlity Examples

It is becoming more important than ever for the hospitality industry to closely monitor their KPIs as it gains new capabilities to improve its performance. This intelligence can be used by hotels to improve their operations and increase profitability. The first is that the new technologies make it possible to measure hotel performance with greater accuracy than ever before. These core KPIs are key indicators of how profitable a property is.

It’s true that a business can be more efficient if it measures its performance. Now, hoteliers can quantify and measure KPIs beyond traditional occupancy-based metrics.

KPIs for Operational Cost

There are many operational KPIs which can increase the profitability and performance of hotel properties. These KPIs can be monitored by hotels to increase profitability and reduce costs.

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Energy Management

Keep lights on in the hotel industry is more than just lighting. Trends(r), 2015 In the Hotel Industry found that water/service accounted for 23.8% of total utility expenditures, followed by 10.6% by fuel (2.3 %).”)). 2.6%) and steam (2.6%). The hospitality industry has the opportunity to use energy management technologies to monitor energy usage and optimize energy consumption in response to changing consumption patterns.

A view of an office environment with many cubicles and multiple employees.

IoT-enabled energy management systems can improve the efficiency and energy consumption of hotel HVAC systems. Verdant EI’s smart energy management system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze historical weather patterns to optimize energy consumption.

Hotels can save up to 20% on energy costs by using smart energy management systems. These systems have the fastest payback rates (between 12-24 months span> ). In fact, smart energy management systems can reduce hotel energy costs by as much as 20%.

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 Water consumption

Hotels need to monitor other consumption-based KPIs. Water is a significant overhead cost that hotels should manage well, regardless of whether it is used for guest rooms, pools, food/beverage, or any other purpose. We also provide wholesale voip by Lets Dial.

Labor costs as a percentage of sales

The labor force is an essential part of any hotel’s overhead. A hotel still needs staff to book guests, clean their rooms, and take care of their laundry.


The hospitality industry has new tools to help it measure its performance. It is crucial that hotels monitor their KPIs carefully. The first is that the new technologies make it possible to measure the performance of hotels with greater accuracy than ever before. However, core KPIs still provide important indicators about how profitable a property is.

It’s true that a business can be more efficient if it measures more. Now, hoteliers can measure KPIs beyond the traditional occupancy-based metrics. They can also track financial performance and marketing results.

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