Mobile Phone Forwarding Service

What is called forwarding?


Call forwarding, also known as call diversion or call redirection, is a service that allows businesses to divert their calls to another number. There are many reasons this could happen, which we will discuss below. Call forwarding can be used in many situations, including when the user is not available to receive the call, delayed call reception, a lack of network coverage, busy lines, or when they wish to keep their publicized number, but switch to another operator. The system allows businesses to send calls to multiple phone numbers at once. Calls can be routed to voicemail with a predetermined message. Call forwarding serves the primary purpose of ensuring that all calls reach the correct terminus at the appropriate time. Business call forwarding technology ensures that a consistent and organized call flow is maintained across all user groups within an organization. Different types of call forwarding. We also provide call forwarding by Lets Dial.

1. Unconditional forwarding/ Immediate phone call

Unconditional forwarding, as the name suggests, redirects all your inbound calls to a different destination. This means that each call to your phone will be routed to a different number as per your instructions. You must activate Immediate call divert in order to use you MCM number. You can use this to divert all calls from your existing phone number to your ExoPhone. This facility can be activated for free, but charges will apply to each outgoing call. Operator dependent.

2. Conditional Call Forwarding

Other than the ones mentioned, there’s another type of call forwarding that can be activated under predefined circumstances. This is commonly known as conditional calling forwarding. We also provide virtual numbers by Ajoxi. It takes a combination of caution and diligence to set up a business call forwarding service. There are three options for call forwarding services offered by Indian telecom operators.  MCM allows you to activate the “immediate call divert” option. This will instantly redirect all calls to your ExoPhone. This facility can be activated without any charges. The operator will determine the cost of usage. To better understand the operation of call forwarding, you can take a look at how all the major Indian telecom companies handle it. We also provide services to 209 area code, 242  area code and many more. you can also read about office customer service etiquette.

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