Recording Laws By State

There are many call recording laws in the United States. In certain states, one-party consent may be required.

Call recording regulations require consent only when there is a reasonable expectation that the conversation will not be recorded.

Federal Law

Federal Laws in The States require one party to consent. The United States requires that at least one party consents to the recording of a telephone conversation.

State laws

In Incall, recording regulations and state laws can differ.


Alabama is the only state to require consent for recording calls made via telephonic or in person.

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Alaska only requires consent from one party. Only one party needs to consent to the recording of telephone conversations.

Get more information on Alaska’s call recording regulations at Alaska Recording Laws.


Arizona’s wiretapping legislation, a consent statute, prohibits the state and any other party from recording or intercepting a conversation. It prohibits any party, including the state, from listening to or blocking discussions.



Arkansas requires one-party consent. It is a crime to record a conversation without the permission of at least one party.


All parties must consent to the recording of phone calls or in-person conversations in California. California’s record laws prohibit anyone from recording conversations on cell phones and cordless phones without prior notification.

More information on California’s call records regulations can be found at California Recording Law.


Colorado has one Partie Consent. Participants may legally record telephone conversations.


Delaware has many laws. If you are involved, Delaware’s wiretapping laws permit you to intercept and record conversations. Delaware privacy laws require all parties to a conversation to consent to their recording.

DelawareRecording Laws

District of Columbia

The District of Columbia can be a consent country to record calls.

A recording law can be found in the District of Columbia Recording Laws.

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Georgia agrees with all citizens

Learn more about Georgia’s call record regulations from


Hawaii is a country that consents to one party. Violations of the law could lead to felony charges. Civil lawsuits can result in actual and punitive damages.


Kentucky will consent to only one party. Kentucky has eavesdropping legislation prohibiting recording or listening to oral communications electronically without consent from at least one party.

Kentucky Recording Laws provides more information about Kentucky’s call recording regulations.


Massachusetts has been declared an All-Party Consent state. It is illegal to intercept voice calls, phone calls, and oral communications without consent.

Massachusetts Recording Laws provides more information about Massachusetts’ call record regulations.


Minnesota law allows for the recording of telephone conversations and oral communications. All recordings must be authorized and consented to by at least one party.

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