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Saudi Arabia (Kingdom Saudi Arabia) has deep historical roots. KSA, revered by Muslims around the globe, is home to the two most visited pilgrimage centres, Medina and Mecca. Saudi Arabia lived a traditional lifestyle until the middle of 20th century. The country saw transformations in all areas after the advent of the Saud (Al Sa Ud) family. The country saw more interaction with the outside through technological and transportation innovations. The country is now the 19th most prosperous in terms of GDP, thanks to the huge financial growth facilitated by oil resources.

Saudi Arabia’s Demographics in 2022

The major cities in this region were severely affected by the SARS Covid-19 outbreak. It was stopped by quick actions and preparedness at hospitals. These actions were taken to align with the vision 2030 presented by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Get a virtual phone number provided by Call Nation. The Crown Prince Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, in his vision 2030 statement, envisions Saudi Arabia being an investment powerhouse and hub linking the continents of Asia and Europe.

Saudi Arabia today is the 19th-largest economy in the Middle East. The economy has been boosted by the influx of expatriates. The total population of KSA is 35.84 millions as of March 2022. Saudi Arabia is at 41st position in the world population charts and has 0.46% of the global population. The population density is 16.67 per square kilometer, and the median age of 32.4 years. We also provide cloud solution services provided by Ajoxi. Analyzing the Saudi Arabia population graph, it is clear that since 2010, there has been an increase of approximately 1 million people each year. There has been an 8 million person increase in the population over the past 12 years, from 27.42 million people in 2010 to 35.84 millions people in 2022. Let’s look at the demographic data for Saudi Arabia in 2022, based on various categories.

Gender Split

Gender split in a population is a sign of the social disparity between the different genders. Saudi Arabia’s male population is 20.70 millions, i.e. The male population in Saudi Arabia is 20.70 million, while the female population is 15.14 millions. 42.24% of population. This is a common problem in countries on the Arabian Peninsula, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and UAE. KSA’s age-wise population shows that 25-54 year olds make up the largest percentage. This includes both locals and expatriates who work. The 18.59 million people in this age group are i.e. This age group comprises 51.86% of the population. The 65-year-old and older age group has the lowest proportion of people. Saudi Arabia’s elderly population is 3.81%, or 1.36 Million people. We also provide services to 206 area code, 236 area code and many more. You can also read about kuwait phone number generator.

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