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Many people ask us how to market SMS messages. Many people have questions about how to sell SMS messages. This is especially true as we just added business messaging to our product line. Many people are asking about SMS marketing solutions for business messaging. SimpleTexting was their top choice for advanced SMS platforms. SimpleTexting’s platform capabilities are reviewed. SimpleTexting pricing includes all rates and features. Comparison between SimpleTexting reviews from trusted domains such as Capterra, G2, Software Advice, and Software Advice
Our articles are intended to be as helpful as possible. We value your feedback and will make improvements. SimpleTexting has various features that can be combined with its SMS or Text Marketing services. Get a virtual phone number provided by Call Nation.


SimpleTexting offers the advantage of mass texting. This is one of the greatest advantages. SimpleTexting claims 90% of mass texts can be opened within three minutes. Bulk message can also be used to reach customers. Simple Texting pricing can be broken down into seven different plans with different credit amounts. Each credit can be used to send outgoing SMS messages, up to 384 characters long. Extended messages up to 384 characters require 2 credits and pictures (MMS) 3 credits. SimpleTexting offers an optional 14-day trial. SimpleTexting allows any company to send SMS messages through a dedicated service. SimpleTexting lets businesses of all sizes send SMS messages through a dedicated service. You can easily navigate the UI and select features you wish to use in campaigns.

Simple texting

SimpleTexting offers a variety of features that can be combined with its SMS and text marketing services.We also provide virtual numbers by Prepaid Mall. SimpleTexting allows you to easily integrate multiple integrations in your application. MailChimp syncs your contacts across email and other messaging apps to integrate your email marketing. SimpleTexting analytics lets you view all stats necessary to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can see how many subscribers you have and how often they click on your links. SimpleTexting pricing is broken down into seven plans, each with different credit amounts. Longer messages (up to 384 characters), two credit cards and pictures (MMS) are all eligible for three credits. We also provide services to 229 area code, 269 area code, and many more. You can also read about call forwarding australia.


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